New high intense fitness trend is taking the Valley by storm

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new fitness trend is giving some local residents more of a reason to workout.

The music is pumping and bodies are quickly moving inside a high fitness class in Clovis.

"It is not quite your mom's aerobics class. It is taken kind of from the 80's and we are bringing it back just bigger better and higher," said Jen Stout, High Fitness guru.

Stout is a master trainer and guru with High fitness, an aerobics interval class.

High Fitness started four years ago nationally and two years ago in Fresno. Since then, it's hit a need in the community.

"You don't get bored with this at all. It's like a dance party but with burpees, squats and tuck jumps and it's always changing and the music is so much fun," said Ana Sawyer of Clovis.

Sawyer has been going to classes for years and has built friendships and toned up with each move.

In 2018, high interval intense training or HIIT was the most popular workout nationwide among Americans.

"This is HIIT training because you have your cardio peaks that take you high with a lot of the basic fitness moves: burpees, tuck jumps, jumping jacks. Then we have toning tracks that are mixed with lunges, squats so you get that HIIT effect throughout the class," Stout said.

For many, they're getting in a good workout without even thinking about it, which has helped many burn 500 plus calories or more in the one hour long class.

The craze has caught on and more than 40 instructors are teaching from Fresno to Kingsburg.

The growth in the Valley has attracted one of the co-founders to Fresno this weekend.

"The creators don't come out very often to different places so this is pretty big for Fresno. It's exploded here and they want to come and witness how much this has grown so quickly," Stout said.

Classes are hosted at various GB3 gyms, dance studios and high schools across the Valley, wherever people meet.

You can experience the moves and the energy at Halloween high. It's Saturday October 20 at the Clovis West gym. The cost is $15.

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