Fresno business sees success after High-Speed Rail forces them to relocate

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Gymnastics Beat in Northwest Fresno is ending 2018 on a high note. Business is better than ever, they're celebrating 15 years of service and a successful first year at their new location. It wasn't too long ago Owner Sam Shima said the future seemed unsure. The high-speed rail started construction and they were right in its path. They were forced to move.

"How will it impact my customers and we were going through the same thing as far as what if, what if, but there is a sang that it can't be helped and there is nothing we could do, so we had to look at it on a positive note," said Shima.

It took them two years, but they found a new home near Golden State and Shaw. The high-speed rail helped them with relocation costs. They only moved about a half a mile east, but that made all the difference.

"People marveled at how clean it is, how nice the location is, we have the CHP office right across the street," said Shima. "We are near Costco and Winco. it is just some much more convenient for a lot more parents."

A bigger building also meant they could train more kids, they also hired more staff. At the moment, they have more than 30 employees and serve more than 700 children.

"We were going to outgrow ourselves anyhow, so by moving to a larger facility that really helped out," he said.

The extra space has proved useful during their winter camp. Giving children of different ages adequate space to stretch jump and flip during the cold winter months. They hope to serve even more children in the new year. Their Winter camp is still open for enrollment. Click here for more information
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