High-tech heartbreak helpers

With her 24-year marriage over, Sonja Huck leaned on her therapist to help her through the heartache. But she didn't always sit in the office for sessions. Sometimes, her computer helped her cope, thanks to an online program her counselor created.

Huck explains, "I could go through it at my own pace. Some weeks took longer than others. You know, some, I actually repeated the exercises two or three times."

The program is called MovingOn, and Dr. Carolina Castaños crafted it knowing there was a demand for digital self-help options that give clients help anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Castaños explains, "I have many people that come to see me, and they were like, 'I don't know, you know, what it was 12:00 or 1:00 AM. I couldn't sleep.' Who do you call? And that's when you feel the loneliest. If you're in bed alone, you know, it's your first Friday without your kids, there's nobody to talk to."

The online program incorporates the latest research in neuropsychology and trauma treatment to help people pick up the pieces, break bad relationship patterns and figure out what's right for them next. They watch videos, answer questions, and get feedback from Dr. Castaños.

She explains, "What it does is it helps you put those pieces of the puzzle together. You cannot change what has happened to you, but you can change what it means to you and you can change how you feel about it."

Sonja says, "It's like you're in a personalized therapy session without actually being in a therapy session."

It's not the only high-tech heartbreak helper. A quick search pulls up everything from online programs, like How to Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days, to apps that offer a 'heartbreak cleanse'.

Dr. Castaños says whatever program you choose, you may find comfort by choosing one that offers a community of others. "You can friend others; you can text others. So, there's the idea that you are not doing this alone," Dr. Castaños explains.

Sonja says talking to others who understand has been priceless, saying, "I'm very hopeful for the future. It's been really challenging to move through this relationship, and it currently has helped me tremendously."
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