Highway 140 closed from Yosemite entrance to big oak flat road due to debris flows

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rain pounded the windshield throughout the night driving on Highway 49 through Mariposa, and Highway 41 through Oakhurst.

The rain is hitting areas where the railroad fire burned through just months ago.

"Unfortunately with those wildfires comes mudslides," said Michael Costa.

Roads were wet in Fish Camp and Oakhurst, and there was a flood watch near the burn scars brought a threat of ash and debris flow, mudslides, rock slides and fallen trees.

One resident says the fear is always there, so to avoid potential damage. He makes sure to take care of his property to keep himself safe, and everyone around him

"We do try to clear our property our property is about two and a half acres and we make sure we are taking care of those issues because not only does it affect us, it can affect somebody who's a neighbor," said Costa.

Along with the wet weather worries, residents are also thankful to see the rain, hoping it will bring the moisture needed to dry areas prone to catching fire

"We haven't had enough rain I don't think yet to really feel if there's going to be a lot of mudslides or road closures due to mudslides, I'm sure we're going to see that we always do but hopefully it isn't going to be as bad this year," said Elizabeth Bosco.

Cal Trans says they've been preparing the roads since last week for this storm, cleaning out ditch lines and drains along the highways. They have also been staggered work shifts so a crew is working 24 hours a day until the storm is over.

"If they have to travel during the storm please be on high alert we are going to be monitoring the area however if there is a situation or we deem it unsafe then we will close the roads," said Sam Ynigez.
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