Need ideas for your Christmas decorations? Here are some tips and trends for this year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but people have already started to put up their cherished Christmas decorations.

At Dean Alexander's house in Fresno's Fig Garden, more than 200,000 lights are going up, but the experienced Christmas outdoor decorator says people can help illuminate their homes with LED lights.

"A lot more people are going to be projecting on the building compared to hanging lights. With the new laser systems and everything else, you get the same quality display with just putting down a canister that projects a laser light," said Alexander.

It takes him seven weekends to put up the lights.

We asked local interior designer Katie Nisbett what's popular this year when it comes to home decorating.

"Black is the biggest trend right now, I think because it's so easy to blend things with it. You can blend reds, whites, teals, all of the colors that are trending this year," said Nisbett.

Charlie Brown trees are also popular. Nisbett says they are great because they can easily be decorated.

Bottleneck Christmas trees are great for small spaces.

She also recommends mixing your greenery.

Americans are expected to spend big on Christmas this year. The national retail federation expects sales will reach $720 billion on everything from gifts to Christmas decorations. At Lowe's that shopping has begun.

"A lot of people kind of complain about us bringing in Christmas in so early but people buy early. Here we are heading into probably the biggest outdoor decoration weekend year and we are already out of a lot of product," said Dale Delmanowski.

LED lights are big and so is anything Disney.

Inflatables are also popular because they don't take much effort.

Managers say don't wait to buy, because Christmas decorations are going fast

But if you're not up for decorating this holiday season you can still see the bright lights. Fresno's Christmas Tree Lane kicks off Saturday December 1, with a walk night, and runs through December 25.
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