Homeowner takes Halloween decorations to the next level with Disney villains musical light show

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, a jack-'o-lantern and a few fake spiderwebs just wasn't enough for YouTube user Tom BetGeorge. The Tracy, California resident known for his impressive Christmas light displays is raising the bar on Halloween with a musical light show featuring the songs of Disney's most notorious villains.

Sinister looking jack-'o-lanterns sing along to "Be Prepared" from The Lion King and "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid as lights on the lawn and all along the house flash in time to the music.

While it's his third year putting up a holiday light display, this is the first time BetGeorge has done one for Halloween.

The impressive array is 99 percent LEDs, according to the video's description on YouTube, and the electricity to run the show for the entire month is only about $100.

BetGeorge says anyone who wants to see the show in person is welcome to come by the house. He'll be taking donations to raise money for a local organization that works with homeless families. Check out his Facebook page for more information.
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