Local invention helps you get every drop of your favorite product out of the bottle

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's called the Bottle Stand and the way it works is pretty simple.

"It holds all your bottles upside down so that you never have to shake them," said creator Diane Fischer, creator of The Bottle Stand.

From honey to lotion, the uses are endless.

"You remove the pump (from a lotion bottle) and you put on one of the two caps that are provided and put it back in the bottle stand and it is always ready to go," said Fischer.

Fischer came up with the idea four and a half years ago. Just like everyone else she kept running into the same problem when it came to bottled products. How do I get every last drop? She could not find a solution, so she came up with her own.

"I had it in my brain and my husband said, why don't you just take it over to Blue Dolphin engineering, which is in his building and they helped make create it," she said.

It has been on the market for about six months. The Bottle Stand comes with two replacement caps and is made of a chrome infused plastic. They run about $10 each and can hold up to three bottles.

"The design is made to go into the corner of your bathtub or shower," said Fischer. "it can also back against a wall on your counter."

Fischer hopes to get her product into major retail stores soon. Next, she is planning on releasing two new Bottle Stand models. One that spins like a Lazy Susan and another for refrigerator shelves.

"See this smile on face, it is all, all worth it. you can do it," she said.

At the moment her product can be purchased online at www.thebottlestand.com/ or at Eye Candy Boutique in Madera and Fresno.
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