How much would it cost to turn your home solar? This local company helps you calculate online

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With power bills continuing to increase in California, many folks are checking out the price of putting in solar.

One local company is making it easy for customers to estimate the cost of solar.

"In Fresno, the summers get very very hot and we regularly receive huge utility bills that we are not expecting. This is the one bill in your house that you have no idea until you open up the bill," says Joe Holstein, the president of SunPower by Quality Home Services.

Holstein says the sun is also helping power their sales of solar panel systems, since people want to save money on their bills.

Now his business is going even more digital.

"(There are) only two markets in the entire country and Fresno is one of the first to offer it," he says.

SunPower has launched a design studio online.

"That basically allows the homeowner to go online, pull up their house and design their own system, a customized system for their own house," he explains.

Holstein walked Action News through the process - from the company's website to choosing how many panels to put on a roof.

He says you don't have to spend hours talking with different salespeople to figure out what you want.

People can also choose to have a face-to-face meeting if they want.

The local company has been in the Valley for 33 years and has grown.

"From about three employees to 210, it's been astronomical the last five years," she says.

Holstein says based on energy usage rates going up, he doesn't see this business slowing down any time soon.

Valley residents have a lot of choices when it comes to energy efficiencies.

A 30% federal tax credit for solar lasts until the end of the year and then goes down.
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