Truck stolen from Fresno homeless advocacy group

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A truck used by the homeless advocacy group "We Are Not Invisible" was stolen over the weekend.

It was the only means of transportation for founder Dez Martinez.

"That truck is not just a truck. That truck has saved so many people," said Martinez.

The Chevy truck was given to her five years ago.

"I know it's an old truck and probably just junk to somebody else but that truck, when it came along, it expanded my outreach," said Martinez.

When the truck rolled into her life, she was able to help more unhoused people around Fresno -- bringing them food, water and other donations.

Saturday morning, thieves stole the truck, taking with them Martinez's only means of transportation.

What they couldn't steal was her passion to help what she calls her 'street family.'

Monday morning, she got a call from a stranger letting her know he found her truck.

She's having it taken to an auto shop to be checked out, but knows it's likely a total loss.

A GoFundMe Page has been created to help purchase a new truck for Martinez.

In the meantime, she's doing all she can to continue helping the homeless community, which includes working with people at this encampment that's scheduled to be cleared out by the city.

"At every single sweep, I am relocating people with their property, whether it's taking it to another campsite or to storage," said Martinez.
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