Hot Spot Kitchen reopens, family-owned Latino food business paying it forward

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A family-owned Latino business celebrated the grand opening of their new Hot Spot Kitchen. After years of hard work and learning how to navigate a pandemic, they're taking action and paying it forward.

On the corner of Belmont and Roosevelt Avenues, community members can see their building, the revamped Hot Spot Kitchen.

It's owned by a Latino family who says buying this space has been a long time coming.

"We were renting out space. We were tenants before taking over," said manager Maria Fernanda Coax.

Their journey started six years ago when the family launched their well-known food truck, La Jacka Mobile. Soon they became one of the many vendors working out of this kitchen known as the "Foods Commons Kitchen" when they were ready to expand their business.

By June of 2020, the keys were theirs.

"We had a little talk with the owners, and it was a process," said Coax

A dream come true amid the pandemic that survived with hard work and strategy, says owner Miriam Martinez.

"Es mi mayor sueno, mi mayor satisfaccion, ver llegado donde estoy que no es facil."

She says. "This was my dream, and it's so satisfying to make it this far because it has not been easy."

During the pandemic, they not only worked out of the kitchen to stay afloat, but they also revamped it with hopes of opening it for several small businesses to provide the same resource they once had.

"This place is for those out there who need a place to be cooking food, handling food, without the need of having a food truck. You can work from the kitchen," Martinez said.

"Invitamos a la comunidad que vengan y conoscan!"

Martinez is inviting everyone to stop by and learn about the opportunities.

Their grand opening was last week, and as of now, three small businesses that are also Latino-owned are using the space.

A vision that's coming full circle, but it doesn't stop there. The family is looking for ways to provide on-site training and guidance for those with big dreams to start their food business.

"It's harder when you don't know when to start, so we want to share that information.," said Coax.

"Yo se que aqui podemos realizar muchose suenos."

She says, "I know we can make a lot of dreams come true with that kitchen!"

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