High demand for homes throughout Valley continuing

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Construction crews are busy finishing up a Wilson Homes development in Clovis.

Families have moved into over half of the 300 homes. But there is a long waiting list for the remaining lots.

Builders were stunned to see such a high demand for new homes. Many thought job losses during the pandemic would result in a big dip in sales.

"I think we all kind of lined up for that possible scenario and the total opposite happened," says Ryan Pottroff. "It boomed."

Pottroff of Wilson Homes says offices and workspaces have become a popular option with so many people now able to work remotely.

As a result, more newcomers to the Valley, from LA to the Bay Area to Northern California, have been buying homes here because of the cheaper prices.

Even with 48 housing tracks now in development, City Manager Luke Serpa says Clovis still can't keep up with the growing demand for housing.

"This year, we're adding 1,200 new residential units, most of them single-family," he said.

The city has issued over a thousand building permits in each of the past few years.

"We keep telling ourselves there's an eventual slowdown coming," Serpa said. "Usually, the housing market's very cyclical. We just haven't seen that slowdown and the demand doesn't seem to be lessening."

Buyers are showing strong demand for one of Wilson's future developments near Shepherd and Clovis.

"Interest lists are massive with these," Pottroff said. "You have some 300-400. Some over 900. I mean, it's pretty incredible."

That's 900 people interested in a development that has yet to release its first 60 lots.
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