Operation Boo: How Valley officials are keeping kids safe from sex offenders on Halloween

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As trick or treaters went door to door on Halloween, so did law enforcement officers checking on registered sex offenders.

"Today is no tolerance, any condition they violate they can be taken into custody," said Phillip Smith of the Central GPS Parole Unit.

Officials with the Adult Parole Division from the State Department of Corrections had a list of about 70 targets.

Going from door to door, officers checked to see if the parolees were complying during 'Operation Boo' on Thursday.

On Halloween night, even having candy or costumes is considered criminal

"They can't have their porch light on, Halloween decorations inside the house or outside the house. They have to be in their residence by 5 p.m.," said Smith.

Authorities tracked one man on the list down after a GPS tracker showed he was out past the 5 p.m. curfew.

When they found him, he had marijuana and Halloween candy in his motel room.

Another parolee had Halloween decorations and candy inside his residence.

Smith said it's not about the number of arrests, it's about keeping the kids safe.

"We're trying to minimize and ensure there are no more victims on this holiday which is primarily for the children," he said.

Smith said the holiday enforcement shows results, and hoped to reach out to other law enforcement and grow the program next year.

In total, authorities hit nine targets in Madera, none ending in an arrest. However, in Fresno, they hit 18 targets with five of those offenders being taken into custody.
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