ICE raids: Local attorney warns people to be prepared, know their rights

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Migrant communities across the U.S. are on edge after President Donald Trump announced ICE raids set to take place across several major cities Sunday.

The move would target as many as two thousand immigrants with outstanding orders to leave the country.

The president did not give a specific time for when the operations would take place, He said the raids will target criminals.

Valley cities weren't a part of the list of cities with planned raids but based on jurisdiction local cities have immigration cases sent to San Francisco and Los Angeles -- which were listed.

Immigration attorney Joshua Longoria says his office has been flooded with calls since the announcement, many people wanting to know their rights.

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"If ICE tried to go after one person in the house will they go after everyone? and usually, the answer is yes," he said.

He says one of his clients, with a final order to leave, was detained Thursday night, but it doesn't seem to be connected with the nationwide sweep set for Sunday.

"It does look like they're going after people with final orders. Usually, people with final orders have less procedural safeguards in place," Longoria said.

One of the biggest concerns is what happens when there are children involved?

"I send people to the Mexican consulate they are able to make documents get things notarized to make sure the minors have someplace to stay and make sure there's an adult that can be responsible for them," Longoria said.

As for what to do if ICE shows up at your door? Longoria tells his clients not to open the door, but have agents slip the warrant underneath or in a mail slot to check for a federal or superior court judge signature.

"As soon as you let them in the house they can go in and take everyone that's in the home. but if you keep the door shut then they won't be allowed in," he said.

Longoria went on to say it's important to know your status as he had clients that weren't aware they had received citizenship through different avenues.

So far no arrests have been reported in the Valley, but the fear remains.
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