ICE raids: Your rights if you are detained

FRESNO, Calif. -- More than 150 undocumented immigrants have been detained in the last four days by ICE agents in Northern California and the Central Valley.

According to ICE, half of those taken into custody have criminal records. But Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says that's not true and warned residents that the raids were going to happen. Former prosecutor Tony Brass says her actions were against the law and put agents in danger.

"Whats going to happen is that ice agents are going to stop communication with local police ... communication is so vital... for the safety of everybody," said Tony Brass, former prosecutor.

"I was sharing information in a way that is legal... not obstructing justice... opportunity to make sure people are aware of their rights," said Libby Schaf, Oakland Mayor.

The mayor said her information on the raid did not come from official channels and that given the same situation she would do it again. ICE says sanctuary cities like Oakland must abide by federal law and turn immigration violators with criminal records over to federal authorities.

The Mexican Consulate in Fresno is alerting Mexican nationals of their rights which include a call to their office if you are detained by immigration agents.

If you are detained, the consulate says you should immediately call them at:
Local: 559-269-3026 or Toll-Free 1-855-463-6395

Here's what the Mexican consulate said you should do if you are detained:

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