Rep. TJ Cox meets with Valley advocacy groups to discuss immigration reform

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Dream and Promise Act of 2019 has the potential to change thousands of lives in the Valley.

And that's why local representative TJ Cox (D-Fresno) thought it was important enough to meet with immigrant advocacy groups in Sanger.

"I was happy to stand on the steps of the capital for the introduction of this bill, the Dream and Promise Act to take care of our dreamers and out TPS recipients," he said.

Last week House Democrats introduced the bill that would offer up to 2.5 million immigrants a chance at legal status and provide a path that could ultimately lead to U.S. citizenship.

During Wednesday's round table discussion, Cox listened to personal struggles while offering support for those still seeking permanent status.

The newly elected Democrat from the 21st District made comprehensive immigration reform a priority during the campaign.

"Our issue is not too many immigrants, there's not enough legal immigrants and not having a system that allows us to meet our workforce needs," Cox said.

According to Cox, Congress is dedicated to getting immigration reform solved and said the concerns and needs of the Valley will help factor into the legislation.

"The next step is taking the voices that we hear and turn that into real legislation to turn that into policy that," he said.

This new version of the Dreamer Act is expected to meet heavy resistance from Senate Republicans, who have struggled for nearly two decades to come up with a solution that their base can endorse.
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