Jennifer Lopez lookalike is the most convincing doppelganger you'll find

HOUSTON, Texas -- Who needs Jenny from the block when you have @JayFromHouston? One local Jennifer Lopez doppelganger is breaking the internet with her resemblance to the 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' singer.

Meet Jay Garay, who has racked up 134,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her breathtaking likeness to Lopez.

The resemblance is particularly striking when Garay, a fitness competitor, is photographed from the side; her dramatic cheekbones could easily be Lopez's, but Garay's arms are noticeably more jacked.

Garay's rise to fame began just over a month ago when one of her photos was featured in Instagram's Explore page.

"It was just normal selfies I had taken in my restroom and people were assuming that I was Jennifer Lopez, commenting 'Are you J-Lo?' No...I'm Jay from Houston!" she said.

From there, the rise to fame was astronomical, with her Instagram following swelling above 100,000 in a month.

"It's been pretty crazy. I never expected it to go this extreme, but it's an amazing feeling," she said.

While it may seem like her @JayFromHouston handle is a riff on "Jenny from the Block" -- Lopez's hit 2002 single -- Garay said she's had the moniker since middle school long before the associations with Lopez began.

For Garay, the comparison to Lopez is a welcome association.

"She is my idol. She's somebody that I looked up to since I was a little girl. It is flattering," Garay beamed.

Of course, a quick ascent to fame comes with its share of haters. In a recent post, Garay encouraged her followers to be themselves and stay comfortable in their own skin.

"Ladies, let your hair down, take that makeup off and show off that natural beauty we all have! We are all beautiful in our own skin," Garay recently wrote to her followers.

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