Jesse Saucedo's parents testify in on-going trial

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- Trial continues for Jesse Saucedo, son-in-law of Merced's former police chief. Saucedo faces manslaughter charges. His parents took the stand on Tues. Sept. 18.

Police arrested Saucedo in 2014 in connection with the death of Jack Kline. Authorities claim he punched Kline while at a comedy show in Downtown Merced, after a verbal fight turned physical.

Saucedo's mother told the jury that Kline's wife was being loud, and they family told her to be quiet several times.

Saucedo's father said moments later, Kline stood with his fists curled up, looking like he wanted to fight. He also told the jury that Kline's wife struck him in the face with a plastic cup.

When prosecutors asked Saucedo Senior if he ever told detectives about Kline's behavior he said he wasn't sure.
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