Costa leads Heng in exclusive Action News poll

Friday, September 21, 2018
Costa leads Heng in Action News poll
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Our exclusive Action News poll shows Rep. Costa (D-Fresno) has built a strong platform to allow him to keep his seat in the House.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In an exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey USA, Democratic incumbent Jim Costa holding a 51 to 40 percent edge over Republican challenger Elizabeth Heng.

We spoke with Heng who says the conversations she has had with voters tells her a different story.

"My opponent has been talking about the same thing for decades. With key areas, when I'm going door to door and talking to constituents, they are talking about how we still don't have water, our immigration system is broken, and the education system has been a challenge for us here in the community too."

But Congressman Costa, who has held the district seat for nearly 14 years, says his work has proven, he will maintain his position for an eighth term.

"She's been gone for over seven years. How would she have an understanding of what the voters think? The fact we got a major piece of legislation through, we have got approval from the Merced Irrigation District to raise the gates that will add 57,000 acre-feet of water."

People surveyed shows the top three issues among voters are first immigration, then Economy and third on the list is education.

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Both candidates say immigration is one of their top priorities.

"With immigration, we are worse off now then when my opponent first started to be in Congress," said Heng. "For immigration, we still do not have a solution that works, and we are going to introduce a policy that works for our community."

"Fixing a broken immigration system is something that, unfortunately, has been a partisan issue," said Costa. "We need to make it a bipartisan issue, we need to bring comprehensive immigration reform so that the 14 million people here in this country can have an opportunity."

The election is on November 6.