California jogger uses Ring camera to alert family, save pets from house fire

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- A family in California's Santa Cruz Mountains is searching for a humble hero who saved the lives of their pets and their home from burning to the ground.

"Hello, do you see there's smoke coming out of the top of your house?"

That's what the jogger who rang the Ring doorbell of Courtney Polito home asked into the camera.

She wasn't home, but remotely opened the door to let the man in to rescue their two dachshunds, rabbit and cat.

Polito never got a chance to thank the jogger.

"I want to give him a hug. I'll bring him to lunch. I'll bring him dinner. I don't know.... I just want to thank him so much and let him know how thankful we are. My kids, my husband we would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home," Polito said.

The fire department says this is the first time they've heard of a Ring camera being used to alert homeowners and 911 of a fire.

Crews were able to keep the flames contained to the garage.

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