Man behind 2017 Fresno County shooting spree sentenced to 354 years to life in prison

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The judge says this crime was done with carelessness, callousness and that Gracia is refusing to take any responsibility.

The judge denied Gracia's request for discretion relating to the Three Strikes law. The judge said she had seen no sign of Gracia's rehabilitation.

A man convicted of terrorizing Fresno County drivers last year, while randomly shooting at cars on the highway, was sentenced to 354 years in prison Monday.

Jorge Gracia immediately responded, saying it was wrong.

"I came to this court expecting a fair trial and I didn't get a fair trial," said Gracia.

But the judge said the sentence was warranted since drivers were fired upon for no reason.

"You engaged in the violent conduct. You took shots at random people while they were driving, minding their own business," said Honorable Houry Sanderson.

His prior criminal history was also a factor in his sentence which compounded his prison exposure. Gracia also had other enhancements that added more time. Despite the jury's findings and his own testimony justifying one count of brandishing- he claimed he was not to blame for the shooting spree.

"I want to ask the court for again another trial to be able to show my innocence," said Gracia.

The victims did not attend the sentencing. The prosecutor said they took enough time off work at trial and were hard workers who needed to be at work Monday. So she asked the court for the stiffest punishment.

"Given the defendants complete and utter disregard for human life in these random shootings, we are asking the court to impose the maximum possible sentence permitted by law," said Deputy District Attorney Katherine Plante.

The six victims weren't injured during the shootings- but Gracia's actions brought fear to countless commuters- especially in western Fresno County. Prosecutors feel like the sentence wasn't excessive but appropriate.

"It sounds like a lot of time but he should be in jail for the rest of his life. He is far too dangerous to be out in the public," said Deputy District Attorney Plante.

Gracia's legal troubles aren't over yet. Madera County prosecutors were at sentencing Monday and are prepared to file new counts for the crimes they allege happened in their jurisdiction.
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