Brother of Hollywood actress gunned down in Fresno, family wants answers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno family is demanding answers after their loved one was gunned down earlier this month.

"Our brother, he was murdered for helping his friends," says Brooke Chia Thao.

Brooke is a Hollywood actress who appeared in the film 'Gran Torino.'

She's now using her voice to find justice for her brother Joshua.

36-year-old Joshua Thao was shot and killed while trying to help friends involved in a car crash.

Police are still searching for the shooter.

Brooke says the grief has been crippling for her father.

Joshua was at Backer and Belmont helping a friend who involved in a two-car crash.

Police say four other men connected with the other car in the accident also made their way to the scene.

People started arguing and someone fired at Joshua.

"There was nothing that this individual did in our opinion that would have justified him being shot at that evening," says Fresno Police Lt. Larry Bowlen.

Detectives say the shooter and those with him drove off in a vehicle.

Brooke says it was unexpected.

Before the shooting, her brother was trying to keep the peace between both groups.

"He never saw it coming because he shook the killer's hand thinking everything was fine," she says.

Brooke says Joshua was loved by everyone who met him.

He touched so many people's lives.

As police search for the shooter, Brooke is facing her toughest role as an advocate for justice.

She won't stop until the shooter is caught.

As leads run dry detectives are asking the community for help.

They want to hear from anyone who passed by the scene or anyone who might have information on the shooter or those who were with them.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account.
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