Judge sentenced getaway driver in ATM robbery, released same day

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) -- "I'm remorseful for my actions and I'm looking to go back to my kids and be a good mom again. I'm so sorry for everything," said Bobbi Sue, Sevier-defendant.

Bobbi Sue Sevier was a woman of few words on Thursday as she was sentenced to three years behind bars for driving Jeremy Lynd to the EECU ATM last December.

Before handing down his decision, the judge recalled some of Sevier's actions in what was a violent crime. The victim was jolted twice by a stun gun before pulling out a gun. Bobbi Sue was the driver who dropped him off.

"That robbery attempt was underway and Mr. Pulliam was resisting when the defendant decided to assault Mr. Pulliam with a car and when Mr. Pulliam had the audacity to resist that robbery defendant assaulted him with that vehicle," said Honorable Brian Alvarez, Fresno County Superior Court.

Before this confrontation, Sevier had very little criminal history. Her attorney said she simply got involved with the wrong crowd and her life spiraled out of control.

She will be released from jail now based on the time she served and credit for good behavior. But her attorney says even out of custody she will have some consequences.

"She will be released on parole. She has been charged and convicted of two strikes so those are going to stay with her," said Brendan Bergh, Sevier's attorney. "Further, the charge does leave her with a lifetime ban of her license."

Jeremy Lynd was with Sevier the morning they tried to rob a man getting money for lunch. Lynd will be sentenced next week and could get 35 years to life in prison.
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