Black-owned store vandalized in Old Town Clovis planning to reopen

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chanel Wapner isn't letting vandals stop her from reopening her Old Town Clovis shop "Just My Essentials."

"I judge each person as an individual. I don't know who did it, so that's who I'm angry at. That's who owes me an apology, not the general public," says Just My Essentials owner Chanel Wapner.

Last month, someone broke in and vandalized the business, spray painting racist messages across the walls while destroying products and taking cash from the register.

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Wapner says they left about $50,000 in damages but thanks to the community's support and a GoFundMe account that has raised more than $30,000, she's able to repair the damage to her store that sells essential oils and handcrafted soaps.

"If it wasn't for that GoFundMe I'd be done, truly I would be done," said Wapner.

Just My Essentials has been in the same spot along Pollasky Ave. for the past three years, with plans to reopen November 14.

Wapner says the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming and has helped her get through this difficult time.

A group of local students even used chalk to write messages of love on the sidewalk in front of the small business recently.

"The more that each day went by, Clovis has just surrounded me with so much love and support. I actually started feeling better," said Wapner.

The investigation into who destroyed the business with hateful messages remains ongoing while detectives say they are looking at security footage from nearby businesses.

"We are investigating all leads. Right now, we're still reviewing hundreds of hours of video surveillance that we have in the downtown area," said Clovis Police Sergeant Craig Aranas.

While Wapner is hopeful that those responsible will be brought to justice, she says this experience has showed her positivity in an otherwise negative situation.

"There are more people that are loving and kind than aren't. That's the true silver lining for me," said Wapner.

Once again Just My Essentials is set to reopen November 14th.
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