Dine and Dish: Swedish pancakes at Kady's Kitchen in Kingsburg

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Swedish pancakes are served all day long at Kady's Kitchen in Kingsburg.

Diners have found you can't have just one.

"Just the whole combination," says Leslie Peters. "The lingonberry, the pancakes itself. They're just really good."

Peters and her aunt, Doreen Serpa, both grew up in Kingsburg enjoying the Swedish pancakes here.

"I think they're lighter than a regular pancake but they're delicious and that lingonberry jam is wonderful," Serpa said.

Lingonberries are popular in Scandanavia and they make a tasty jam.

"It's like a sweet and tart together," Peters said.

But we can't just take Leslie's word for it.

"I've had friends who have never tasted it that now has become their favorite, too," Serpa said.

Long before Christie Ruiz started working at Kady's, she came here with her family.

"It was like a treat to come here for breakfast and I do remember it being really busy," she said.

That hasn't changed. Neither has the recipe for Swedish pancakes.

"A regular pancake calls for less egg and less milk," Ruiz said. "They're thicker, fluffier. These are thinner with more egg."

They resemble crepes.

"Crepes are sometimes filled with stuff on the inside," Ruiz said.

Kady's Kitchen is located just off Highway 99, so folks driving between LA and The Bay have enjoyed these tasty treats.

"People will Google someplace to have in Kingsburg and it pops up pretty quickly because of the 'Swedish.' We get a lot of travelers," Ruiz said.
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