Kerman Police warn residents of increased car thefts

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Usman Iqbal was up with his family when the alleged car thief tip-toed onto his property. (KFSN)

It was 2:28 a.m. on a Sunday and the man in the video was seen trying to open the doors on a car that does not belong to him.

"I was inside my living room," said Usman Iqbal.

He owns a white Honda Accord and was up with his family when the alleged car thief tip-toed onto his property.

"We have a monitor above the TV and we saw someone approach my vehicle. I was just thinking someone was just trying to break into my car," said Iqbal.

He ran out of the house with his two brothers by his side. The three of them chased after the suspect and held him down until police arrived.

"He was scared and he was out of breath and he was running pretty far," said Iqbal.

Kerman Police say it is a growing problem in the city.

"They get up, they're going to work their car is gone," said Kerman Police Sgt. Jeff Davis

Within the first three weeks of 2018, 10 vehicles were reported stolen at various locations.

This time last year, the department had only one case of auto theft.

Sgt. Davis says while no particular make is being targeted, thieves are going after 1990s models.

In an attempt to combat the increase in crime, the department is giving away free steering wheel locks to people in the community.

"The thief will look in the window and see the club in the car and he's going to go to the next car because he's looking for a quick easy escape and anything you can do to delay the process will save your car," said Sgt. Davis.
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