Inca Brands aims at making alpaca-made products fashionable

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The shelves of Kimberly DeVos-Brooks' downtown Fresno distribution center are stocked with 100 percent all natural alpaca-made products.

"It's far softer, stronger, lighter and it doesn't give you that itch," DeVos-Brooks said.

She's the owner of Inca Brands Incorporated and designs every piece. From scarves to gloves to jackets, she aims at making alpaca fashionable.

"We try to come up with creative designs that will stand the test of time," said DeVos-Brooks.

Some of her best sellers include golf sweaters and socks.

"we have argyle socks, we do women's bed socks, we do thick boot socks, hunting socks, biking socks, sports socks," she said.

DeVos-Brooks has been in the alpaca business for almost 20 years now, but her love for the animal and it's fiber started miles away from the Central Valley. She is originally from Pennsylvania where she lived on a farm. Most animals she raised were rough to handle, so she decided to give alpacas a try.

"I could get in there with them and not worry about getting a broken foot, or broken tailbone - all things that happened to me when I was raising horses," she said.

She met her husband at an alpaca show and the rest is history. She moved to Fresno in 2006 and then five years later started her online business.

"My friends at the alpaca shows said, where did you get this, we want some and that was the birth of my business," said DeVos-Brooks.

They have five different brands. Every item is handmade by someone in Peru, each garment unique.

"One of the reasons I love it is because when you wear an alpaca sweater, garment, whatever, it's like you are giving yourself a hug," she said.

Devos-Brooks is now getting ready to release her home interiors line. They don't have a physical store, but people can check out their products online at or Amazon.
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