Coronavirus: Kings County issues shelter in place order

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Since a statewide stay at home order went into effect last month, some people in Kings County haven't been following the rules.

Supervisor Doug Verboon says he knows of one egregious example: a neighborhood bounce house party that took place recently.

"That's unnecessary, that's foolishness," Verboon said.

To show their support of the statewide order and protect the residents they represent, Verboon and other supervisors issued a shelter in place order of their own on Tuesday.

Kings County has a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases, but they say it's still a real threat to the community.

"People are getting heart attacks and having babies, so we don't want to use up any unnecessary hospital space because we were foolish," Verboon added.

The shelter in place order means Kings County residents must stay home, except for a list of exceptions, including going to the grocery store, doctor, or working if the state considers you an essential employee.

Next Tuesday, supervisors are expected to give the sheriff's office direction on enforcing the order.

Although they have the authority to take criminal or civil action against a person or business, Sheriff David Robinson hopes people can police themselves-by simply staying at home.

"And really that should be the message that we're sending to people is: Let's do everything we can to save all the people we can from getting exposed to this, because that's going to reduce the number of people that die from this," Robinson said.

"Don't put our sheriff's or our police in danger by having to come tell you to quit having a party," Verboon said. "It's up to you to lead by example. It's not for the sheriff to come force you to do it."
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