Kings County Deputies catch burglar thanks to his shoes

On Monday, Kings County Sheriff's deputies responded to a burglary call where a residence had been broken into in the 7700 block of 14th Avenue. During the investigation, deputies discovered two rifles and other property was stolen from the home.

Deputies also discovered shoe impressions around the home which they believe were left by the suspect.

While searching for the suspect, deputies located the two stolen rifles in an orchard south of the residence. Those firearms were recovered and given back to the homeowner.

About two hours later, a concerned citizen saw a man walking out of an orchard several miles away from the victims home. The concerned citizen, not knowing the man was involved in the burglary, reported him as being a suspicious person to the Sheriff's Office.

When deputies arrived they spoke to the man, identified as Robert Rebolo and found his shoes had the same pattern that was found at the scene of the burglary.

Rebolo was questioned and confessed to committing the burglary. Rebolo was also found to be on active CDC Parole and he was not in compliance with his parole terms. He was then booked into the Kings County Jail for burglary, grand theft of firearms, and a parole violation. His bail was set at $100,000.
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