2 bodies stuck in the Kings River, rescuers unable to remove them due to dangerous conditions

FRESNO COUNTY (KFSN) -- Fast moving water of the Kings River is rushing through a car trapped in its path. Inside are two people, there for nearly two weeks because those dangerous conditions

Fresno County's Search and Rescue Team are unable to reach them.

"Not only do you have the rough terrain 500 feet down, you've got strong water flows through the river at times the winds are gusting," said Tony Botti, with Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

While local authorities have not been able to identify the bodies Tanee Sangrat, the Thai Consul-General in Los Angeles, said the victims are believed to be two masters exchange students from the University of South Florida.

"As mother, as father, it's very hard for them to understand as much as I have explained to them of what I have learned from the authorities."

Sangrat said 24-year-old Thiwadee Sangsuriyarit and 28-year-old Pakapol Chairatanasongporn rented a car and had only been in California for a few days. We spoke with both of their relatives via Skype about the accident.

"Her and her family have been crying ever since she first learned about the accident-- it's been hard trying to cope with that," said Thiwarat Sangsuriyarit, Thiwadee's sister.

Pakapol's mother Supin Chairatanasongporn said, "The only wish she has is that is for her to see her son's body as soon as possible and to have a funeral for him as soon as possible due to the Buddhism ritual beliefs."

Family members said Thiwadee was an outgoing young woman who was getting her graduate degree in global sustainability. And Pakapol enjoyed the outdoors and planned to become an industrial engineer.

Two friends whose venture to see the world was tragically washed away.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office said its search and rescue team is actively assessing the conditions of the weather and water flows on a daily basis to construct safe and successful recovery plan.
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