Kingsburg beekeeper rescuing bees and giving them a second chance

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Honey oozes from frames inside boxes at local business Kingsburg Honey.

"It's just amazing that these bees can make honey and make so much of it and honey that you produce with your own bees tastes amazing," said Beekeeper Daren Hess.

Hess is the owner and passionate about his homemade honey business.

The raw unfiltered honey is made from bees that visit the Valley floor and mountains.

The Hess family takes 50 to 75 beehives at a time but one thing that makes their business unique is that they rescue bees.

Hess has captured some of his unique rescues on video as he bravely removes swarms from neighborhoods and up high, even using a crane to rescue swarms.

"So if I get them at the right point, it's easy to take them. Then the homeowner is happy because I got rid of the bees and the bees are happy because they have a home and I'm happy because I got more bees."

Hess says rescuing the bees are actually one of his favorite parts of the job. When he is not rescuing bees, his kids are helping him with the family business.

The girls can help extract the honey and label the different varieties from orange honey blossom to Sierra wildflower.

"Cause it's full of flavor and I did go to camp there so I there," said Anya Hess.

The honey is sold in Kingsburg, Bravo Farms and The Market in Fresno and online.

"It's such a neat product, it basically sells itself. People know the value of honey so it's really fun to produce it and provide it for people."

A product sweetened with the insects that call the Valley home.
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