Kingsburg Summer Recreation Program offer safe option for kids this summer

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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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The Kingsburg Summer Recreation Program is back with new safety guidelines.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Kingsburg Summer Recreation Program is back with new safety guidelines.

Kelly Murguia said she was delighted to hear the program was up and running.

"I'm working from home, and it's really hard to have children in the house when you have Zoom meetings or people calling or scheduling appointments," said Murguia.

Her daughter has attended the summer camp for several years.

"She gets up, ready to go and is excited to go, so it makes my job easier to get her out the door," added Murguia. "Then I can do what I need to at home."

This year, things look a little different.

"She was telling me the other day, 'We stay in our little cubbies, we have our own area and our own space, we don't share food and we don't share toys,'" said Murguia.

The program runs through August 14 and is committed to keeping kids safe and socially distant amid COVID-19.

"The classrooms are situated so all the desks are six feet apart, so they're keeping their distance," explained Community Services Director Adam Castaneda. "They're also doing STEM projects, arts and crafts."

"They've checked her temperature every morning, they're always wearing masks, the kids come out, they know where they go and they go to their classrooms," said Murguia.

Staff leads kids for indoor and outdoor activities, including trips to the pool.

"We set up five different stations every day and those stations have an activity assigned, whether it's an obstacle course or playground," said Castaneda.

The camps costs $276 a month and spots are still available. For more information on how to register, contact City Hall at (559) 897-5821.

The program takes place at Washington Elementary School, located at 1501 Ellis Street in Kingsburg.