Kinsa App helps families and school district track students health

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A popular app is proving to be a useful tool for school districts as they track students' health and look for possible COVID-19 symptoms.

The Kinsa App is much more than just a 'smart' thermometer. For families in Fresno Unified it's a valuable tool in the fight against the virus.

"I can keep track of each grade level, who has a fever at home and the parents can put in the symptoms that they have," says FUSD Registered Nurse Serena Dansby.

Parents receive the thermometer when they sign up for the free app.

They can take their child's temperature and enter symptoms. The app keeps students anonymous.

"With this really cool app and thermometer we do get a little insight into what's going around right now," says parent Cyndi Salinas.

Salinas says now more than ever she's glad she has this in her back pocket.

"It's a useful tool as both a parent and a teacher," adds Salinas. "Is it the cold, is it the flu, is it allergies? What's going around right now?"

Staff members say they hope even more parents will take advantage of the program, as the tool could be even more valuable when students come back to the classroom.

"If I'm seeing a trend that there's runny noses, sore throats and I've seen some of these kids have been at school then we might have to think about putting that class on quarantine," says Dansby.

The Kinsa app and 'smart' thermometers are free for any Fresno Unified elementary school families. If families are interested, simply text the word 'Fluency' to 900900.
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