'KKK wants you:' Klan flyers show up in Asheville on MLK Jr. Day

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Asheville police officers are investigating after a man said he found a KKK recruitment flyer on his lawn on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

"I got home at right around noon and saw a Ziploc bag in my yard," Jarret Porter told WLOS. "The bag was weighed down with rocks, so I knew someone threw it and didn't want it blown away."

The flyer read, "You can rest well knowing the Klan is awake. Help save our land, join the KLAN!!!!"

It stated that the KKK was active and looking for members. Printed on it were phone numbers and a web address with more information for interested participants.

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Porter said he has black neighbors and can't image how they'd feel.

"I couldn't imagine if I was a person of color, like I couldn't imagine like how that would feel; like I would be terrified," Porter said.

But Porter wasn't the only one who got a flyer. Police told WLOS they believe other residents did too.

Authorities are reaching out to other law enforcement agencies to see if they're seeing a similar issue.

Officials said this is not the first time the recruitment signs have surfaced.