Fresno bridal store hit by wedding postponements during COVID-19 crisis

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clothing store KLSD in downtown Fresno has been brought to a halt.

"Really overnight. We would get 100 to 150 orders, it just dropped down to five. It was really shocking. I had no idea this would impact us on this level," says owner Alexandra Register.

She says her custom bridal apparel shop on Etsy virtually stopped overnight as weddings and bachelorette parties were canceled and postponed during the epidemic.

Her storefront in downtown Fresno had to be shut down due to the 'shelter in place' order.

Her online site has slowed too. No orders meant laying off her employees and overnight she became a one-woman show.

"I tried to bring as much home in my garage as I could to keep production rolling, but it's been really hard with three kids, one of which is under two," Register said.

The entrepreneur has been thinking outside the box.

Building upon her positive apparel line, she's promoting the 'Be A Good Human' shirts.

She's running a special on her website and Etsy.

"I really wanted to continue to spread that message because it' so important to be good to other people. You know we all need each other right now," Register said.

While the future remains uncertain, businesses like KLSD are hoping weddings will resume.

Those orders will help fuel their online business and storefront.

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