Kori Muhammad's outbursts during court have raised questions about his competency

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "You need to be here but if you have an outburst, the court has no problem removing you- I want to give you that heads up first. You understand that sir?"

Kori Muhammad shook his head yes after Judge Brian Alvarez warned him about his explosive outbursts, yet a few minutes into the hearing it happened again.

"Let black people go, reparations for the natural disaster's they've created, inaudible. Let's go ahead and have you removed from the courtroom you've been given a warning," said Muhammad.

Nearly every appearance he blurts out almost the same message. Muhammad's attorney hopes he will not have the same spontaneous statements at trial.

"Normally there should be some opportunities to be warned and come back. I certainly hope that's not going to be an issue but we'll see how that goes," said Richard Beshwate.

Legal Analyst Ralph Torres says Muhammad's behavior in court could be brought up as part of his upcoming hearing and a factor in determining whether or not he will be able to assist in his own defense.

"In trial on the issue of competency, they can bring that up. Let's see what the doctors have to say about that. It could fall right into the defense case. Doctors may say this is exactly what an incompetent person does," said Torres.

So far two court-appointed psychiatrists have determined Muhammad is incompetent, but a psychiatrist hired by the prosecution determined he is fit to stand trial.
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