Bay Area food truck finds new home in Fresno serving up ramen

Homemade noodle soup is served up from one of Fresno's newer food trucks Kurotaka Ramen.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Homemade noodle soup is served up from one of Fresno's newer food trucks.

"My type is west coast Japanese style," said Richard Kington owner of Kurotaka Ramen.

Kurotaka means black hawk.

Kington's passion is ramen, and his food is known for being authentic.

"The magic is in soup. The soup is definitely what makes it special," said Michael Yukimoto.

Members of a Japanese Fresno church encouraged Kington to expose Fresno to his creations when they heard the pandemic was impacting his business up north.

"His business was doing really well in the Bay Area, but with the businesses shutting down, most of his clients were the internet kind of the tech-savvy businesses they all had to shut down. All his customers were gone," Yukimoto said.

So Kurotaka hit the Fresno market, and word began to spread about all the unique cuisine.

"Kurotaka Ramen is the base. The soup is really special. It's a Western-style from Osaka in Japan. It's all made from scratch. It takes about two days to make, so Richard, the owner, takes a lot of pride in the soup," Yukimoto said.

The owner says it takes time to cook ramen fresh in a food truck. They also serve fried chicken and say they're thankful for the foodies who try their menu.

"This temperature the highest, but people still buy. I like Fresno people," Kington said.

A hot creation that's winning over fans for its flavor in Fresno.

You can try some of this unique food. Kurotaka Ramen will be out Friday at Simonian Farms and Saturday at the Sierra Vista mall in Clovis.

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