How to buy the perfect Christmas gift at the last minute

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Christmas is just hours away, and for many of you, that means it's your last chance to finish your Christmas shopping. Experts say you can't go wrong with gifts for the home, family fun or comfort. The key is to add something personal.

"The first secret about last-minute gifts is a way to make it not look last-minute," said Mary Sanders with Bed Bath and Beyond. "Its really by adding something that they need to make the item work or something that enhances the item."

Instead of just buying a bottle of wine, pair it with an opener or some wine glasses. Throw together a charcuterie board by purchasing a cutting board and knife set. Even the classic coffee mug can be personalized with the right additions.

"Any person that you get a mug that appeals to them, that speaks to what they do, who they are, what their favorite things are, add some fun syrup some topping to it so they can have an extra special coffee," added Sanders.

You can never go wrong with an activity the whole family can partake in together.

"Puzzles are a great way for families to enjoy some quality time together or building a gingerbread house," said Sanders.

If you're all about comfort, a weighted blanket is always a popular gift, but you can enjoy a similar effect and save some dough by purchasing a weighted pillow instead.

Consider a pillow pad for the techie in your life - and the personal touch?

"Add a screen cleaner to go with it, so you have a tablet pad and a screen cleaner to go with the device," Sanders continued.
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