Latino Life: Not All Survivors of Crime Come Forward

Some survivors of violent crime are afraid to come forward but there is help available.

According to Centro La Familia's Executive Director, Margarita Rocha, some survivors are dropping out of life sustaining services in Fresno County due to their immigration status.

Centro La Familia is hosting a special convening designed to educate professionals about this vulnerable population.

A Community Convening: Conversations Not Heard will feature experts who shed light on these issues. Topics include understanding the role of culture and language when providing culturally responsive services to survivors of crime. Some of the crimes include domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault. The event also includes services and shelter resources available.

Professionals in social services, law enforcement, health/medicine and education are encouraged to attend.

The Convening is open to anyone. On May 2, 2019 Rocha sat down for an interview with reporter Gilbert Magallon on our Latino Life set to discuss some of the barriers that prevent access to services.

A Community Convening
Conversations Not Heard
Thursday, May 16 , 2019
(559) 237-2961
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