Two new restaurants opening up in North Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two new dining options in North Fresno figure to draw lots of families looking for something different to try.

The Lazy Dog tower is designed to guide guests to the door.

Pet owners can't wait for the restaurant to open because dogs are welcome to join them while they enjoy a meal in the outside patio area.

"We really want families to come. animals, your dog, your pets are just as much a family member as anybody else," Regional Culinary Director Sean Montes.

But before you can get into the patio area, guests must first go over pet etiquette.

"We do have patio rules for the animals like not putting them on chairs. Not eating off the tables, stuff like that We like to keep them on the ground and not eat off the tables." Montes said.

The restaurant even offers pet-friendly foods for your dog.

But non-pet-owners enjoying a meal inside will find a wide variety of dishes. Bison meatloaf comes with a BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes.

Vegetarians aren't left out either.

"We have a roasted butternut squash with some house-made beet balls that we made. Kind of a play on spaghetti and meatballs," Montes said.

Montes also recommends the pork chops with apple cider gravy and the roasted Cornish game hen with sausage stuffing if you want something other than a burger.

"We really want to push the limits to what we can serve in casual dining," Montes said.

To do so, Lazy Dog will offer hand-crafted cocktails as well as a beer club which already has 20 members ready to try 24 brews on tap.

"Quarterly, you get specialty brews. We give you a nice little lazy dog labeled beer club bag, shirts," said Montes.

Another restaurant has just opened across the street. Texas de Brazil steakhouse has moved in where Chevy's used to be located.

Texas de Brazil is now open for business while Lazy Dog doesn't open until Monday
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