Nonprofit offers early education, internet for littlest learners

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A non-profit wants to help make sure our little learners aren't falling behind.

Shannon Buchdid's 5-year-old son logs onto his lessons 5 days a week, but this isn't for school.

"He's learned so much," said Buchdid. "When he started the program he wasn't reading at all." offers early at home education for no cost, and amid the coronavirus pandemic, they're offering a new summer session, starting June 1st to keep students on course.

"A lot of kids are going to be 6 months without any form of education as they head into kindergarten, this is a crucial time period for kids to be ready," said Kim Fischer with

The program prepares students for kindergarten, teaching them the basics and providing parents with the tools, like internet and a computer, to make it happen.

"He's adding, he's subtracting, understanding number concepts, they have a science part," added Buchdid.

"They learn phonics, color, sounds, shapes all those things kids need to know as they're going into kindergarten," said Fischer.

It's open to students going into kindergarten this fall, as long as the family is 200% of poverty or below and spots are first come first serve.

"It's a great program that I've really seen him get the benefits from," said Buchdid. "It's not a long time just half an hour every day."

For parents interested in enrolling log onto
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