Lemoore massage parlor worker arrested for prostitution after offering undercover cop sex acts

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Day Spa is one of five massage businesses in Lemoore. Police say they conducted compliance checks on four of them on Tuesday. Those checks involve an undercover officer going in and getting a massage.

"At that point, there was a solicitation of prostitution on behalf of one of the employees inside of the business," said Lemoore Police Sgt. Alvaro Santos.

Police arrested Miriam Side. The 40-year-old is charged with solicitation, a misdemeanor.

The Day Spa is located downtown in a building owned by Techi James. She says she leased the spa out years ago.

She has a residence in the back and complains police assumed she was involved in the massage parlor because she is Asian. She told officers, "the point is you are not listening to what I am saying first you are just looking at me because I am another Asian you profiled me."

James says she didn't appreciate being forced to wait outside while police investigated.

"Before they do anything, they need to listen to the people, they need to not make us feel like we are all criminals."

Police say they were involved in a routine operation and acted with a search warrant.

"Part of our duties, especially the problem-oriented policing team, is to run a periodic check to make sure they are in compliance with city ordinances," said Santos.
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