Home left riddled with bullets after man has hours-long standoff with Lemoore police

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several gunshots were heard Friday night in a Lemoore neighborhood on Hazelwood and Sara Drive.

"I personally thought there was a guy running around and shooting people," said neighbor Nick Foster.

Detectives say the man inside the home, 41-year-old Teddy Mata, was intoxicated and armed with two guns.

Mata started firing at officers when they arrived.

Bullets flew across the street into Jesse Ortiz' house.

"When I walked in here there was damage everywhere, there was glass everywhere," he said.

Ortiz and most of his family were in the backyard when it happened. One of his sons was inside.

"I yelled in here, get out of the house," Ortiz said.

Ortiz quickly got his family into their car and took off.

Police say the entire neighborhood had to be evacuated at one point they had no other choice but to use an armored vehicle to get people to safety.

"Just very grateful, lucky that my family was OK and I got them out on time and nobody was injured and nobody was hurt," Ortiz said.

After about six hours it all came to an end.

According to detectives, Mata exited the house and a K9 officer took him down.

The neighborhood must now deal with lasting impacts.

At least 15 bullets hit Ortiz' house. They penetrated his son's bedroom, their front door, living room and even shattered their backdoor.

"It was like what can I do? I'm just glad we weren't in the house," Ortiz said.

Police say no one was hit by gunfire and only Mata had to be hospitalized.

Ortiz says the only thing he can do now is repair damages and try to move past the terrifying night.

Lemoore Police say that Mata faces several charges, including attempted murder. He will be booked into the Kings County Jail once he's released from the hospital.
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