'Live like Molly:' Family encourages acts of kindness to remember Fresno woman killed in DUI crash

Monday, August 26, 2019
'Live like Molly:' Family encourages acts of kindness to remember Fresno woman killed in DUI crash
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Monday is the start of a special week where dozens of people across the Central Valley will spread random acts of kindness to honor Molly Griffin.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From paying for the person behind them in a drive-thru at fast-food restaurants to the stage at Clovis Hills Community Church, hearts are changing, inspired by a young woman from Fresno.

"Molly was a really kind-hearted soul," Doug Griffin's daughter, Molly, was a 23-year-old with a bright future and a gift for kindness.

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"She was a nurse. She was a very caring individual," he said. "She clearly had the intellectual capacity to be a doctor, but she quickly figured out it's the nurses who are the ones who care for the patients, not the doctors, and that's what she really wanted to do."

A drunk driver ended Molly's life in 2015, leaving a lot less kindness in the world.

But people whose lives she touched are trying to fill the gap.

Her parents endowed scholarships for future nurses at Clovis Community College and Fresno State.

And a scroll through social media shows dozens of people trying to Live Like Molly.

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"The hashtag Live Like Molly is just a tool for people to post something on Twitter, Facebook or other social media to share it with everyone else," Griffin said.

Homemade cookies, prepaid pizza, and hundreds of books donated to Reading Heart are examples of light coming through the darkness.

Even sharks get in on the act for Molly Day, cheering up people driving through downtown Fresno.

Clovis Community College is holding a whole week of charitable events in Molly's honor, including a blood drive, letters to veterans, and a speech Monday from Emily Krieghoff, her best friend who suffered serious injuries in the same crash.

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Krieghoff tells Action News the speech is just a Molly Day reminder to Live Like Molly and be kind.

"We want people to remember how our daughter lived, not how she died and that's really the whole thrust behind Molly Day," Griffin said.