Local security firm helps small companies prepare for cyber attacks

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Businesses keep themselves safe by building higher fences--putting in more security cameras. But what if the attack comes from within?

"You can build gates as high as you want, but if your employee are not educated all of that can be compromised and made moot in a matter of seconds," said IT Strategy CEO Brian Horton.

Brian Horton hacks companies "legally" for a living to find vulnerabilities. He says small businesses are easy targets because of their lack of training and security. That is why his company, it strategy, is holding this seminar.

"About 75 percent of all hacks happen to organizations with less than 100 employees."

More than 100 Valley CEOs sat in Tuesday's audience. Many, like Suzanne Marshall, have been victims. Ransomware hit her business earlier this year.

"it locked up the software that we were using, and we not able to use it, it's a scheduling software that we use in our practice, we were not able to use it for probably three weeks, that system was down," said Marshall.

Horton demonstrated several hacks Tuesday. Including one where an email attachment containing a resume is actually malware--capable of turning on your webcam and assessing your files.

"If you're posting for a job, then you are automatically going to be receiving emails from people you don't know, then you'll be opening up attachments from people you don't know, so half of the battle is won for the hackers," said Horton.

There is no such thing as an impenetrable defense. But experts say updating your antivirus, and making sure employees are wary of what they click can make you a less appealing option to hack.
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