10-year-old boy who underwent brain surgery welcomed home with 'Star Wars' party

WARMINSTER, PA -- A Star Wars-filled celebration served as a welcome home parade and belated birthday party for 10-year-old Alex Skumpya from Warminster, Pa.

Skumpya was excited to finally be home after undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. Skumpya had been experiencing migraines for more than six months.

The fourth-grader was admitted into CHOP back in early September. An MRI revealed he had a tumor and has undergone four separate operations.

His mom says she's thankful it was a benign tumor but adds it still caused a lot of problems for Skumpya because it was near his pituitary gland.

While he still has a long road ahead in terms of recovery, Skumpya's family says they're just happy to have him home.