Community helps residents unexpectedly evicted from Madera apartment complex

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A home for the holidays is something more than half of the residents at the Laguna Knolls apartment complex are in search of after receiving a 60-day eviction notice on October 25th.

"We were all devastated," said resident Claudia Garza.

Their fear of what's next is paired with frustration.

"Right around Christmas, very difficult for families to find something," Garza said.

Claudia Garza, her husband, and four children thankfully found a place to move. But she's postponing chemotherapy treatment to have the energy to pack.

As she goes through the eviction process during her battle with cancer, Garza said she's letting go, and letting God.

"I've just managed to pray and say God take over, you know, Jesus take the wheel," Garza said.

That's where the city's newest business owner comes into play.

Master storage 365 owner Richard Torosian has only been open a week, but saw the need and offered free storage and moving vans to help ease the stress of the transition.

"We feel like we're not just a business in Madera," Torosian said. "We feel like we're a part of the Madera community."

Torosian said despite the circumstances, he was encouraged by the strength of the residents impacted.

"It really is heartwarming to be able to see the gratitude that they have and just to see how they're working with each other as a community," he said.

Torosian added, he hopes other businesses in the community will offer support as well. At this point, residents say they were not given the eviction.
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