Madera County celebrates its 125th birthday

A North Valley community is honoring the founder of Madera County.

The board of supervisors is recognizing the 125th birthday of the county.

On Tuesday, county supervisors, students, and citizens honored the man who helped pave the way.

Dozens surrounded the grave site of Henry Clay Daulton.

The board of supervisors adjourned their meeting at the cemetery to honor the county's founder.

"It's neat to be able to honor him, and be here to celebrate our 125th birthday," said Board Chairman Tom Wheeler.

A choir sang as students recited the history of how the California pioneer helped the county separate from Fresno.

Daulton was on the commission when the county was formed in 1893 and was elected as one of the first board supervisors.

The founder's great, great grandson, Henry Clay Daulton the third, also spoke steps away from the gravesite.

"I think he'd be honored. He was honored a lot in his life, and he's being honored again," said Daulton.

He also used his time to point out a critical issue facing the county: the lack of water and groundwater pumping.

"When people's lungs dry up, the trees start dying, and the farms go under, and there's unemployment, this county won't look the same. It will probably end up looking like Barstow," said Daulton.
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