Teen arrested for Madera DUI crash that killed his passenger

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- This is one of the worst days of Makayla Martinez' life.

All her brother Donovan Martinez can do is try to comfort her as they both long for their sister 20-year-old Samantha Martinez.

She was killed Saturday night after the driver of the vehicle she was in slammed into a building.

Madera Police say the crashed happened at around 9 p.m.

According to detectives, 19-year-old Isaiah Moore was behind the wheel and under the influence.

Somehow he lost control and crashed into a business, Master Storage 365, off Knox and Avenue 13.

Moore is now in custody. He has been booked on DUI and vehicular manslaughter charges.

Neighbors in the area say the incident is all too familiar.

"Street light poles have been taken down twice by vehicles going too fast around the corner," says Ron Montoya, a neighbor.

Montoya has lived off Knox road for more than five years.

He often sees drivers race down his street. He's seen the devastating aftermath.

In January, a driver plowed through a fence and onto someone's yard.

In October, another driver crashed through another fence.

"This has been going on, but it is chronic here and unfortunately, somebody has to lose their life so this neighborhood can get some attention," says Montoya.

Montoya says he and others have tried to get speed bumps on Knox Road in the past and will continue to advocate for them.

Meanwhile, the Martinez family can't begin to fathom what life will look like without their loved one, but they hope no one ever has to endure the same pain.

Staff at Master Storage said that the crash severely damaged the structure of the building.

They also say the car crashed into an empty storage unit.
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