Madera Police arrest man accused of accidentally shooting teenaged friend during gang dispute

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police arrested 21-year-old Anthony Salvatierra just hours ago at a home near Granada and Riverview Drive for the death of his friend Isaiah McGuire, killed Sunday afternoon.
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Police say McGuire and Salvatierra were in the same gang and had gone down an alley near 6th Street between A and B Streets Sunday with two other people to settle issues within their gang.

That's when police say a gun came out and Salvatierra aimed for another person but accidentally shot 16-year-old McGuire.

Lt. Gino Chiaramonte of the Madera Police Department said, "It just so happens our victim was in the line of fire and one of the rounds struck him. He was actually not the intended target, but was in the line of fire with a gang member who does not understand gun safety, manipulation, anything like that, and struck actually one of his friends."

Detectives say Salvatierra actually drove McGuire to the hospital after the shooting where he later died.

Police credit community tips and support for information that helped them capture Salvatierra with his bags already packed just as he was about to skip town.
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