Madera stabbing victim speaks out about death of family at hands of cousin

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jazmine Miller is still recovering not just from her injuries, but from the pain of losing her mom and grandmother after she said they were killed by her cousin, Deijon Walker.

"Words can't describe how I feel. I miss my mom and nana every single day since it's happened," Miller said.

Police arrested Walker after they say he stabbed Betty and Tonya Terrell in their Madera home and then stabbed Miller.

Miller and her family took in Walker in April. She says he never had a steady home and was in need of some help.

"We said, 'Come on in, you are family. We are always going to look out for you.' That's how my mom and my grandma are," Miller said.

On the day of the attack, Miller said she arrived home from her job as a bus driver for the Madera County Superintendent of Schools.

She and Walker were talking about enrolling in college, and the entire family was spending time in the kitchen.

Miller said she was heading out, and got in her car to leave. Moments later, she said Walker came out of the home, got in her car, and demanded she drive away. She said she then noticed a knife in his hand.

"Before I knew it, the knife was coming at me. He maybe came at me four or five times. I got hit in my chest, then put up my arms for defense," Miller said.

Miller managed to get out of the car, run home, and call for help.

Police believe Walker was on drugs at the time. Family members say they think he may have taken Xanax before the incident, and that he hadn't been himself lately.

"Its just been strange, he has been speaking erratically, not making sense. Just acting like the world is against him," Miller said.

Miller and her family say Betty Terrell was a former nurse and the matriarch of the family. Miller's brother, Joel, said his mother was one of the most caring people he knew.

Miller's coworker helped set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses. Miller says the neighbors who they consider family are helping them grieve.

Walker is booked into Madera County Jail and facing two counts of murder, along with one count of attempted murder.

Family members say that Walker also has two young daughters.

If anyone wants to help the family, they can donate to the GoFundMe page.
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